Folding Doors

Concertina or folding doors have long been the trusted solution for quickly and affordably partitioning off sections of your home or office. Whether you want to cover up an alcove in your office or home, or separate a whole room, concertina doors are the way to go.

Also known as accordian doors, concertina doors will allow you to maximise your internal space due to the relatively narrow width of each folding section in a concertina door. Even when folded up fully, they utilise very little space in your home. Functioning much like a wooden sliding door, the concertina style can also be applied to your patio doors, allowing you to quickly and efficiently open up your living area and bring the outdoors inside.

Whatever the size and shape of the space, Doors by Nature can provide a range of custom doors to not only fit perfectly, but maximise the space and usability of the areas around it. Contact us today.